Fort Dodge C-Striker – Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ (85-1308)

Ease of Use Rating: 5/5 (From Beginner Upwards)
Traditional ‘C’ Shaped ‘Flint & Steel’ Striker
The ‘Fort Dodge’ Striker
Hand Crafted by Beaver Bushcraft
Easy to hold and use
High spark yielding
A 2,000 year old fire making technology
Measures: Approx 76mm x 4mm
Ideal for the Novice Fire Lighter to the Bushcraft Enthusiast,
Survivalists, Re-enactors, Budding Pioneers, LARPs, Cosplayers, Film Props

fire fort dodge c striker flint and steel by beaver bushcraftFort Dodge is a well-known mining town and its roots started back in the 1850s when soldiers from the USA Army built a huge military outpost and then abandoned it a few years later. This style of ‘C’ striker is based on a design that was found on the old site. A little bit more quirky then the standard ‘3’ fingered C Striker with its asymmetrical design but works just as well. Ideal for pioneers and re-enactors or anyone just loving this shape!

This traditional styled ‘C ‘ steel striker is used for traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ fire lighting and can be used with Char Cloth or even Amadou or Chaga tinder fungus. The sparks created from this striker will easily form an ember that can be used to ignite a tinder bundle or a traditional Sulphur Match. It is an ideal beginners level striker, that is also perfect for the ardent Bushcraft or Pioneering professional as its extremely easy to use and very robust.

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Ideal for Beginners to Experts.

5 Star – Fire Steel Ease of Use Star Rating

This style of Fire Steel is ideally suited for the complete Beginners to the Expert Traditional Flint & Steel Fire Lighting Master, and anyone in between who wants a Fire Steel that is exceptionally easy to use and that produces a very high yield of sparks with absolutely no effort.

This style of Fire Steel is ideally suited for instructors to use when teaching children Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ Fire Lighting, or anyone who wants a more challenging spark based fire lighting methodology other than using a Ferrocerium Rod Striker. The balance, weight and shape of this style of Fire Steel make it an absolute doddle to use, giving off a high yield of sparks with no experience required. An exceptional Fire Steel at any level of experience. Experienced users should get sparks on each and every strike.

Tinder Pouch Starter Kit (Optional Extra)

Why not add to your traditional styled Fire Steel with one of our Tinder Pouch Starter Kits that contains everything that you would need to start creating fires the way our ancestors did for over 2,000 years? This simple Tinder Pouch Starter Kit contains everything that you would require to turn your Fire Steel into a Traditional Tinder Pouch.

Kit Contents:

Beaver Bushcraft Natural Cotton Drawstring Pouch
Natural Norfolk Flints
Natural Amadou Tinder
100% Cotton Char Cloth
Jute Tinder Rope
Sulphur Spills
How to look after and use your Traditional Fire Steel Instructions sheet